Guitar Chords Visualizer


What is this?

Chords Visualizer is a free online tool for guitarists looking to better under stand chord structures. The idea behind this application is to be able to see how any chord can be played on any position of the neck. It is my hope that this will be useful for beginners to advanced players. If you found it helpful please consider donating!

How do I use it?

The home page consists of two sections. First, is the modification(top) section. This contains two buttons, one for selecting your chord, the second for applying a modification to it. If the modification that you are looking for is greyed out or in a section labled "(CS)", that means it is coming soon and you should check back in a few days as I update the site very frequently. You will also notice the checkbox that says "sharp" this will obviously add a sharp to your chord. However if you would like to know the flat, you can simply choose a chord that is a full step lower than the one currently selected. EX: Db is the same thing as C#. Once you have the chord you are looking for you can simply hover your mouse/tap anywhere on the fretboard to display the chord at that position. You may note that the top string is the high e string. If you do not have any chords displaying in a certain position there most likely is not a possible chord structure at that position. If you think that this is an error, please let me know by sending me a message via the Contact page.

Who made this?

My name is James Nelson and I am an aspiring web developer currently based out of the US in Nebraska. I have been playing music since I was a small child starting with piano. I then picked up guitar after leaving home and have been loving it ever since. Throughout my learning process I always searched for tools that would help me better understand how chords were formed. This is what inspired this application and I hope that you have found it useful as well.